March Madness: Paul Ryan, GOP Lawmakers Pick 2015 NCAA Brackets

Paul Ryan was among the Republicans who took part. Not only has President Obama made it a tradition to pick his brackets with ESPN, but this year, ABC News joined forces with ESPN to get an unofficial Republican response.

And like all other workplaces across America that will struggle to keep their sports-loving employees properly employed throughout the whirlwind tournament, Ryan confirmed that Capitol Hill is no different than anywhere else.

Washington Republican Rep.

“That’s what smartphones are for,” Ryan joked. “You can bring your iPad on the [House] floor, they let you do that now.”

Kentucky Republican Rep. “We all kind of text or call each other and then just trash talk a little bit,” he said.

Should you need any proof, look no further than the NCAA March Madness tournament. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, for her part, will be in the unique position of cheering for two schools her district. he and I will do a bet on the UK and Wisconsin would be my guess,” Ryan said.

“I got engaged at half-time the second to the last time we were in the final four, so Wisconsin making the tournament is something special in our family,” he said.

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Though Ryan’s choice may be politically correct — and one he joked he has to make no matter how the team is playing — he said his confidence in the Badgers this year is “sincere” and goes well beyond politics.

“We’re all united, Democrats and Republicans in 6th Congressional District for our love of college basketball,” Barr said. Like Ryan, Barr’s choice was politically safe, considering that the congressman hails from the same district as the university.

If Ryan’s prediction of the final matchup between Wisconsin and Gonzaga were to hold up, it’s conceivable that he and McMorris Rodgers might exchange some friendly trash talk — something that Ryan said is common on the Hill during the NCAA tournament. Andy Barr said he’s “striving for history” with his bet on the University of Kentucky Wildcats capturing the national championship. “I’m hopeful this is the year Gonzaga goes to the final four.”

“We have depth; we got people coming off the bench who are sinking threes you know 10 seconds into the game, so I think we’ve got a deep team, a very well-coached team, and a team that is very gelled,” Ryan continued.

“Honestly, we really have a decent chance at it,” Ryan said, also noting that he is particularly married to Wisconsin’s success in the tournament because of a major life event that coincided with the Badgers’ former NCAA successes.

Power Players

Though Ryan isn’t holding his breath that all his bracket picks will be correct – pointing out that he only has a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance of doing so – you can check out his bracket predictions in this episode of “Power Players.”

In Washington, even sports are political.

“There are bets, my guess in Andy Barr … “This is an exciting time to be a wildcat, and we’re looking for the 9th national championship, 40 and 0, the pursuit of perfection, we’re going to do it.”

“I’m going with Wisconsin, I think Bo Ryan has got this team at a really good place,” Ryan told “Power Players,” putting his political capital behind the University of Wisconsin men’s basketball coach.. The Wisconsin Republican picked his home state’s Badgers to go all the way in the tournament, with their final matchup predicted against Gonzaga University.

“Gonzaga Bulldogs, here the number two seed, and the Eastern Washington University, definitely have to keep an eye on both of those teams,” McMorris Rodgers said. But in the end, she is putting particular faith in one school: Gonzaga University.

ABC News’ John Parkinson, Ali Dukakis, Stacy Chen, Tom Thornton, Nick Greiner, and Barry Haywood contributed to this episode.

Former vice presidential candidate Rep

Kentucky Derby 140: Post positions and morning line odds – Newark Horse Racing

As it turns out, even the roll of the dice has been good for these connections as the California bred will be coming out of post 5. The Louisiana Derby and Wood Memorial winners have drawn the bad luck bookends of a 20-horse field.

20 – Wicked Strong 8-1

18 – Candy Boy 20-1. All eyes were on the prohibitive favorite, California Chrome to see which post he would be coming out of.

17 – Commanding Curve 50-1

6 – Samraat 15-1

10 – Wildcat Red 15-1

3 – Uncle Sigh 30-1

Field for the 140th Kentucky Derby

PP – Horse Morning Line Odds

16 – Intense Holiday 12-1

12 – Dance With Fate 20-1

15- Tapiture 15-1

13 – Chitu 20-1

7 – We Miss Artie 50-1

11 – Hopertunity 6-1

The race is the 11th of a 13 race card at Churchill Downs, a card that highlights six stakes races including the G1 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic a race which features Wise Dan the 2013 Horse of the Year. Others who were not so lucky were Vicars’ in Trouble and Wicked Strong. The Derby is scheduled to go off at 6:24pm EST and will be covered on NBC beginning at 4:00pm.

9 – Vinceremos 30-1

19 – Ride on Curlin 15-1

1 – Vicar’s in Trouble 30-1

5 – California Chrome 5-2

4 – Danza 10-1

8 – General a Rod 15-1

2 – Harry’s Holiday 50-1

14 – Medal Count 20-1

The field for the 140th Kentucky Derby was drawn yesterday

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The Worst Nba Players To Have Championship Rings

He was traded to Detroit, and he managed to stay out of drug trouble long enough to rope himself a championship ring with the 1990 Pistons squad. So we got to thinking: who are the worst players in recent history to somehow weasel their way into an NBA championship ring?

Jack Haley

Simpkins, another Bulls player, “earned” three rings in 1996, 1997 and 1998, but only played in one of those playoff runs, which means he definitely wasn’t a factor in Chicago’s NBA Finals odds. Redick and Los Angeles’ Adam Morrison on the court at the same time, as these two are generally regarded to be a couple of the biggest draft busts currently in the NBA, relegated to joke status after glittering college career. By: Bet Online

Scott Brooks

The 6’10″ center made bigger contributions to the 1996 Bulls team off the court than on it, as he was basically on the team to control Dennis Rodman, the wild forward who went down as one of the best rebounders in the NBA. Simpkins had averages of 4.2 points and 3.6 rebounds over his spectacular eight-year career, but hey, the dude came out of it with three rings, so can you really clown him? Yes…yes, you can. He better have a picture of Hakeem Olajuwon next to wherever his ring is sitting.

You know you’re terrible when even George W. Bedford retired after six seasons with averages of 4.1 points and 2.4 boards, and is currently in a Texas jail serving a 10-year sentence for drug trafficking.

William Bedford. Haley’s 3.2 points per game and 2.7 rebounding average over his career has to be some kind of record.

Dickey Simpkins

NBA Finals odds players are still waiting to see Orlando’s J.J. Madsen’s dancing earned him more attention than his play, and with stellar averages of 2.2 points and 2.6 rebounds, do you need a reason why? Madsen actually got a pair of rings with the Lakers, also in 2001, but we’re all pretty sure that he had absolutely nothing to do with their NBA championship odds in either year. Haley and Rodman became friends when they played for San Antonio, and Haley was the only player in Chicago that Rodman would trust. His name is DICKEY!

Brooks, the current Oklahoma City coach of a team that offshore sportsbook players stay far away from, won the title with Houston back in 1994, the year in which he put up a mind-boggling 5.2 points. He was a supposed three-point specialist who never averaged more than 0.7 three-pointers a game, and that came in his rookie year. Bush makes fun of you, but that’s what happened to the “Mad Dog” when the 2002 Lakers visited the White House.

Mark Madsen

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Bedford was the Suns’ No.1 pick in 1986, and he was supposed to be the next big thing

How To Win At European Roulette

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Federal System A ‘Pretty Good Idea’

Yet Silver has been making moves to rally support for his position among his fellow commissioners, convening meetings with all four commissioners, as well as the leagues’ respective legal teams, according to ESPN.

We now have two sports commissioners voicing support for a federal framework for sports gambling. Most recently, all four leagues, plus representatives of the NCAA, called for (and were granted) a summary judgment against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s attempt to repeal PASPA. As the league that has the legacies of the Black Sox scandal as well as Pete Rose to contend with, it will need to carefully consider, then craft a comprehensive case for changing its attitude toward gambling on sports. “If you don’t have integrity in a sport, you don’t have a sport.” 

Manfred’s remarks place him in the company of National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver, who surprised sports fans across the country in November when he published an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Legalize and Regulate Sports Betting,” which put him at odds with a stance that sports commissioners held for most of the 20th century. New Jersey’s lawyers have filed an appeal.

Manfred’s comments are significant because they imply that the current federal standard, which has been in place for more than 20 years, might be ripe for changing. I think both from a legal perspective but also from a general perspective, it’s not a change that will be taken lightly.”

The other top commissioners in North American sports, including National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman and National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, remain opposed to legalizing gambling. This past fall, the NHL entered an exclusive partnership with DraftKings, while the NBA signed a four-year endorsement deal with FanDuel.

While Manfred’s comments may represent a step, it is a small one. “The leagues are always pushing for uniformity across the states,” explained Gabe Feldman, the director of the sports law program at Tulane University Law School.

“It’s really now become gambling,” Ron Katz, chairman of the Institute of Sports Law and Ethics at Santa Clara University in California, said of daily fantasy. At this weekend’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred gave some very qualified support for an idea that was once regarded as a third rail for professional sports leagues. 

Unlike traditional fantasy games, which essentially lock players’ rosters for all or most the duration of the real sport’s regular season (though players are typically permitted to make trades), daily fantasy allows participants to wager on teams they construct every single day. While neither FanDuel nor DraftKings permits wagering on the outcomes of the games, its users are wagering on players’ performances, which presents a similar moral quandary.

Since its passage, a handful of states including New Jersey and Delaware have attempted to wriggle out of PASPA’s strictures. “I think this will be a methodical, laborious change,” Feldman said.

“I give Adam Silver a lot of credit for starting the debate,” Manfred said, according to Bloomberg. Given the key of competitive balance across franchises, the leagues have tried to be as careful as possible.”

Fantasy sports further complicate the state of play. Those attempts have met with stiff resistance from the major sports leagues’ legal departments. In 1992, the federal government passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act — also known as PASPA — which effectively banned sports gambling everywhere except Nevada, where the practice was already legal..  

Aggressively defending the current state of affairs while exploring a federal alternative to PASPA makes sense for the league’s commissioners and owners. “I’m sure some will argue it’s not gambling, but I think there is an argument to be made that it is.”

“These moral issues are always difficult,” Katz said. “It’s difficult for one league to hold a stance for a century and then wake up one day and change it,” Feldman said. At present, all four leagues either run their own fantasy sports operations or have entered official partnerships with fantasy sports providers. “Without embracing everything he said, certainly the idea of having a federal system to govern gambling — whatever that system is — uniformity at a federal level seems like a pretty good idea to me.”

Manfred and the owners he serves will have a lot to consider. “Uniformity is key for professional sports leagues. “For Major League Baseball, gambling on professional sports is the cardinal sin

Don Johnson Wins $15 Million from 3 Atlantic City Casinos! Blackjack Master’s 6 Month Win

He also realizes that having won $15 million from gambling does make him a target. You’re going to win. Johnson stated, “I don’t wear Kevlar. 2011

However, Don wasn’t some struggling professional gambler down on his luck. The company specializes in developing “computer-assisted wagering systems for horseracing.”

Now, there’s speculation that Don Johnson’s $15 million winnings came courtesy of counting cards, which is a method to beat casinos at blackjack. Saeyang Â- Gather Inc. Johnson was a little nicer to Caesar’s because he left them after winning $4 million.

© Evalynn J. I’m not bulletproof.”

Many people dream of an opportunity to win just a single hand of blackjack. You also have to understand the math.”. He’s actually Heritage Development LLC’s CEO. From the Borgata, he walked away with $5 million.

Don admits he’s been banned by some casinos prior because of his blackjack skills. Don Johnson has lived that dream hundreds of times over. So, in the end, there’s no way for the average Joe to know what Don did to win all that cash! Unless Johnson opens up about his method, don’t expect to be able to walk into a casino and duplicate his winnings.

Don Johnson has won $15 million from three Atlantic City casinos in just six months! Don already had a reputation of being a blackjack master, perhaps one can add Jedi master onto that list. From the Tropicana, he won $6 million. Although the method isn’t illegal, it is seriously frowned upon and can get you banned if you are caught doing it. By the time he decided to walk away, in April, he’s won $15 million from the Tropicana, the Borgata and Caesar’s.

Well, perhaps it’s time for him to get some Kevlar because the gambling world can become a seedy place with dark characters. Whether or not the attention is good or bad, it won’t fade anytime soon.

Although Johnson isn’t divulging his secrets, he did say, “If you can take the swings. Now that Johnson is famous, he may very well start getting negative attention. Starting in December, Johnson played single hands of blackjack up to $100,000 per hand

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