How You Know You Are Becoming Addicted to Gambling

It feels great to become a small winner too as huge m88 winner.

The typical gambler have seen on their own earn big once, now they know that they will get again. That is always sweet to get any scratch-off and acquire twenty dollars or perhaps more. A Person could get over $10,000 as well as $20,000.00 dollars and it can be yours certainly not and then spend, but to take proper treatment of yourself together with or perhaps acquire some thing you’ve often wanted. This really is evident, impossible never to happen because it happened once.. because money isn’t any needed, it may cause a main issue in life along with gambling.

There are usually tons associated with temptations in life along with money is chief among them. We require funds so we want to commit about the things we’d like or even have to obtain. First, there is the particular have to gamble, then that they really feel they cannot are living without gambling, and also from this level it gets an addiction.

And off that they go, gambling inside sweepstakes rooms, using scratch-offs, as well as picking lottery numbers inside the hopes associated with winning. Each Along With Every single day it really is becoming more plus more of a habit.

Here tend to be tell-tale signs that may display whether or not you are on the street for you to being a gambling addict.

In your gamblers world, that large win may be the mother of all wins

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Is playing fantasy football a form of gambling?

The definition of gambling is to play m88 games of chance for income.

So major funds is exchanging hands by means of fantasy football. Rather, playing fantasy sports is viewed as a game of ability.

It can also be a ton of exciting on Sundays watching the players on your team play in the NFL and wrack up stats and fantasy points for your group. Fantasy football does involve skill, but it also involves luck. But is the income exchanging hands via gambling? As a person who employed to play fantasy football a lot the answer is with out query yes playing fantasy football is a kind of gambling to me.

I’d still be playing currently but the league with the huge payouts went below in no smaller element mainly because the other owners were tired of me winning. Legally, though, playing fantasy sports is not viewed as a form of gambling in the United States. Who can predict when Marshawn Lynch is going to go down with an injury early in a game and ruin his owners probabilities of winning? Who can predict when a ego-maniac coach will not give Marshawn Lynch the ball on the objective-line for what would pretty much surely be a go-ahead touchdown to win the Super Bowl?

Wagering on any type of sporting event like the NFL is quite uncertain and is surely a form of gambling. So I was quite excellent at it and I produced a lot extra money than I ever place into the pools. Everyday fantasy sports firm FanDuel took in $81.five million in the fourth quarter (in the course of the NFL football season) last year mostly from individuals playing fantasy football.

Placing income on the line with other people based upon who has the team that wracks up the most fantasy points based upon how NFL players do is surely a game of chance. I played fantasy football for 10 years and won eight championships like four in a league with a first-spot prize of over $1,000. But as somebody who was pretty good at fantasy football, I’d often say fantasy football was 50% luck and 50% talent.

Is playing fantasy football a type of gambling? This is a incredibly genuine query given that it is estimated that some $1.2 billion changed hands last year between players in fantasy football leagues. But did I win a lot due to talent or due to luck? That is the heart of the gambling query involving fantasy football and my answer is still it’s 50% luck and 50% ability.

Eventually, though, mainly because cash is exchanging hands over the outcomes of the stats that NFL players accumulate every week, fantasy football is a type of gambling

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Arsene Wenger condemns Arsenal fans who vandalised White Hart Lane after victory over Tottenham | Football | Sport

I dont really know what happened but we are at the disposal of the authorities to help them to sort it out.

One of the advantages maybe of not speaking much English is that he doesnt understand that much about whats going on, said Wenger.

Arsene Wenger has condemned the Arsenal supporters accused of vandalising White Hart Lane at Wednesdays North London derby.

Its the same with us on the pitch. We want commitment but a controlled commitment and discipline as a fun88 club.

Police have confirmed 10 arrests were made on the night for a variety of offences including criminal damage and both clubs continue to work with them to identify individuals involved using the stadiums CCTV footage.

Arsenal await the outcome of an independent regulatory commission hearing into Gabriel Paulistas Football Association charge for improper conduct today after his red card in last weekends 2-0 defeat at Chelsea was rescinded.

Wenger also revealed Jack Wilshere has successfully undergone an operation on a hairline fracture on his left leg, with the Arsenal manager predicting his return to action in December, Christmas.

Gabriel was initially sent off for clashing with Diego Costa – who escaped with a yellow card on the day but has since been retrospectively banned for three matches pending an appeal – and Wenger admits the Brazilians lack of English has insulated him from the ongoing controversy.

Francis Coquelin will have a scan today on a knee problem and will miss tomorrows encounter at the King Power Stadium but the club insist he has not suffered a serious injury. We dont want any violence. Wenger described it as a little bone bruising on the knee.

[If he is cleared] he will [be ready to play]. Mentally, I have looked at him and he was sorry for what happened, and very disappointed but he is a fighter and his attitude in training the whole week was completely focused and motivated.

The Gunners Capital One Cup third round victory over Tottenham was overshadowed by ugly scenes after the final whistle in which away supporters appeared to tear down hoardings emblazoned with pro-Spurs slogans.

Arsenal fans trash White Hart Lane. You want support but a controlled support. And speaking ahead of tomorrows Premier League trip to Leicester, Wenger told Standard Sport: We cooperate completely with the authorities to sort that out

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Boxing’s Greatest Investment: Floyd Mayweather’s $750,000 Bet On Himself

Mayweather has netted $420 million in earnings during his career with more than 90% of that total earned since he started calling his own shots. The move was a no-brainer for Showtime, which was trying to raise the stakes in its blood feud with HBO. The two bouts drew middling PPV figures of 365,000 and 375,000. He was featured in his first two PPV cards against Arturo Gatti in 2005 and Zab Judah a year later. He envisioned himself as a headliner who could make “nine-figures” in one night. The pact guaranteed him at least $32 million for each fight with potentially much more and will go down as the richest contract in the history of sports. 11). Mayweather didn’t care as long as you bought the PPV for his fights.

Mayweather operated under the “Pretty Boy” nickname his entire career. “People love or hate him, but they watch him,” Showtime Sports head Stephen Espinoza told Forbes at the time.

Mayweather was part of WrestleMania the following year, although he was blowing smoke with his claim of a $20 million payday from WWE. On the show, he met Mark Cuban, no slouch when it comes to marketing yourself. The fight had 2.25 million PPV buys and a record $153 million in PPV revenue. He became a world class marketer playing a WWE character come to life, who nearly everybody hated. He is fighting for his legacy as one of the sport’s best ever. Mayweather set up his own promotion company, Mayweather Promotions, and arranged for all of the revenue streams to flow through him for his bouts. “I don’t think people realize just how focused [Mayweather] is on being more successful outside the ring than he is inside,” Cuban told Forbes in 2010.

Mayweather turned pro in 1996 after winning a controversial bronze medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Baldomir was a warm-up for what was to come.

Ellerbe thinks Mayweather’s $750,000 payment to get out of his Top Rank contract is more than just the best investment in boxing history. Mayweather had a guarantee of $41.5 million and earned more than $30 million on top of that from his cut of the fight’s revenue.

Mayweather’s big score came in 2013 with his blockbuster six-fight deal with Showtime. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Pulling the strings on Mayweather’s career was Top Rank founder and CEO Bob Arum, who has promoted many of boxing’s biggest legends including Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather had a unique opt-out clause in his contract with Top Rank that let him pay $750,000 to get out of his promotion contract. Mayweather built a massive social media following that now counts 5.9 million Twitter and 10 million Facebook fans.

Mayweather went out on his own and started calling the shots. “It is the best investment in the history of sports,” he says.. Mayweather picked Cuban’s brain relentless on business. Mayweather bet on himself.


The 47-0 champ, five-division world champion has generated a record $871 million in career PPV revenue with all but roughly $40 million since he split from Top Rank. Saturday’s fight is set to break every financial boxing record in the books with Mayweather looking at a payday of $150 million or more.

Floyd Mayweather poses on the scale at the weigh-in the day before the fight of his life against Manny Pacquiao. The notorious gambler got to the pinnacle of the sport by a shrewd $750,000 bet in 2006. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

The Mayweather-Arum partnership was fruitful for both as Mayweather stayed undefeated with a growing paycheck. His first fight was against Carlos Baldomir and the fight drew only 325,000 PPV buys, but Mayweather banked a career high $8 million payday, more than double what he was earning over his last fights with Top Rank. 2013 bout against Canelo Alvarez. The moniker came as a result of how little he got hit due to his superior defense. The $750,000 price tag might seem small today with Floyd banking $105 million last year as the world’s highest-paid athlete, but in the mid 2000s his paychecks were all in the $3 million range.

The De La Hoya fight marked the first of 10 straight paydays of at least $25 million (Saturday night will be No. “Floyd walked into Top Rank’s office, handed them a check and the rest is history.”

“He had the great vision to take his brand to the next level,” says Ellerbe. Both were records with the PPV buy record still standing. Mayweather earned $25 million, including his share of PPV revenue

Mayweather’s biggest payday came for his Sept. He ran his record to 18-0 and won his first world title with a technical knockout of Genaro Hernandez in 1998. “Floyd wanted to take his career in a new direction,” says Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather’s long-time confidante and CEO of Mayweather Promotions. But one thing already secured by Mayweather is his role as the biggest PPV star and richest boxer in the history of the sport. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2007, which opened him up to a new audience. But in 2007 before the biggest fight of his life, Mayweather unleashed a new name: “Money.” Mayweather’s split decision victory over De La Hoya garnered 2.48 million PPV buys and $137 million in PPV revenue. Mayweather wasn’t satisfied. Read all of my Forbes stories here.

Floyd Mayweather faces the biggest fight of his career Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao

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Casino, Sports Betting, and Lottery – A Comparison of the House Edge

If instead the bets are placed through a sportsbook, the winner will collect only $1.91, since the odds of an evens game at most bookies and online sportsbooks is 1.91. If these two friends wager $1 each, the winner will collect $2, thus winning $1. In this m88 game, the player selects a three-digit number from 000 to 999, and plays the number as a straight or as a box. This is a fair game. There is absolutely no basis to prefer one number to others. For instance, if a player selects the number 672 and plays it straight, he/she will win if the number drawn is exactly 672. Nevertheless, besides the house edge, there is also the possibility of winning to consider.

The easiest way to compute a house edge is to compare the actual winnings that are paid by the respective agents to the winnings that would be paid in a fair game or bet.

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While there is little or nothing that a roulette or a lotto player can do to initially select a possible winning number, the situation could be quite different in the case of betting. This strategy may work a few times, but not always. Odds of 10/11 mean that you’ll win $10 when you wager $11; and odds of -110 mean that you have to wager $110 in order to win $100. A European roulette wheel has grooves marked by the numbers 0 to 36; the American wheel (also called Las Vegas wheel) has an additional groove marked as ’00′. The winning number in a roulette game is the number corresponding to the groove where a spinning ball lands.

( 999 – 499 ) / 999 * 100 = 500 / 999 * 100 = 50%

Even-odds Sports Betting

Depending on the state you are in, this lottery game may be known by a different name such as Pick 3, Play 3, Daily 3, etc. Obviously, a straight game pays much more than a box game for the same amount wagered.

Cash 3

It should be apparent by now that the gambler is better off with casino games than sports betting. Instead, if the player plays 672 as a box, he/she will win as long as the drawn number contains a 6, a 7 and a 2, in any order (276, for example). Thus,

This means that every time you spend a $100 on an offline or online casino roulette, $5.40 goes to the casino and the rest is redistributed to the winners. On the other hand, if the bettor is wagering on parlays the house edge would be significantly higher than 9%; for big parlays, it could go as high as 40%.

Because of its simplicity and popularity, we shall consider the roulette as a representative casino game. In short, the possibility of winning a roulette or the lottery entirely depends on luck.

The Conclusion

A fair bet, in this case, is just a simple bet between two friends who just pick one of the tennis player as winner. For obvious reasons, a good gambler always prefers games that have low house edges, while the casino itself loves those games with high house edges. It should also be noted that while the house edge could be a major factor to consider while selecting a gambling game, it is by no means the only one. In the case of state lotteries, however, the winner will be paid only $500 in most states. By even-odds we mean that the event (usually a sports game) has equal chances of going either way. So, the European wheel has a total of 37 numbers, while the American wheel has 38. So, whenever you are playing the state lottery, remember that you are wagering only half of your money on the actual lottery; the other half, you are just giving it away. Where this other half goes is not the gambler’s concern, since his/her main objective is to win some money in order to pay the ever present bills, or to get out of a miserable life, or to change his/her 20-year-old car. When the ball is spun and lands in a groove, the number marking that groove will be the winning number. Nowadays, there is a plethora of trustworthy online casinos and sportsbooks operating from Canada, the UK, Antigua, Costa Rica, and so on.

This article was posted on October 13, 2005

Casino, Sports Betting, and Lottery – A Comparison of the House Edge

by: Melkam Dirset. With a lot of information and some assistance from sports handicappers, it is possible to predict the outcome of a sports event with more certainty than predicting a Cash 3 number.

Indeed, a house edge cannot be zero since casinos, sportsbooks, and lottery administrators have to make some money in order to cover their expenses, and to make some profit as well. Since several internet sportsbooks offer odds higher than 1.91 in order to lure bettors, the house edge could be smaller than 9%, which is one of the things that the bettor should be looking for when searching for a sportsbook. Internet casinos usually make available the option to select the type of wheel the customer prefers, but the brick and mortar casinos normally offer only one type. Some states may pay a little bit less, others may pay a little bit more, but $500 is more or less the standard. It is one of the most important factors that every player should consider whenever he/she is engaged in any type of gambling, inasmuch as it indicates how much of the money wagered goes to the gambling agent’s pocket and how much is redistributed to the winners.

Unfortunately, many states do not allow casino games, and furthermore, sports betting is illegal in the United States. For instance, one should consider the fact that casino games are mostly games of chance, while sports betting also involves a learned decision in selecting a pick, consequently leading to a higher probability of winning a bet.

( 1 – 0.91 ) / 1 * 100 = 0.09 * 100 = 9%

As far as the house edge is concerned, it has been shown that casino games are the best choice for the gambler. Yet, a high house edge simply means that the players are unecessarily being ripped-off, and as a result, any gambling game with a high house edge should certainly be avoided by a knowledgeable gambler.

The Equation

So, this is how sportsbooks make a living. A fair game or a fair bet is one in which no commission is involved; an obvious model is a game between friends. As regards contributing to education and other noble causes, there are other means of collecting money called taxes and charities.

Keyword Search

( 37 – 35 ) / 37 * 100 = 2 / 37 * 100 = 5.4%

House Edge = [ (fair game winning - actual game winning) / fair game winning ] * 100

Now consider 1000 friends (maybe in a club) selecting a number as a straight, each for $1, so that all the 1000 possible numbers are covered. Keep in mind that it is the players, and not the machines, who remember the previous numbers. Therefore, in percentage form, the house edge is obtained by subtracting an actual game winning from a fair game winning and dividing the result by the fair game winning, finally multiplying by 100. The person who has selected this winning number collects all the money on the table thus making him win $37. Evidently, there are quite a number of casino games and the house edge varies from game to game, many of them having a house edge less than that of the roulette. The player is therefore left with no choice but to cross state borders in search of a casino, or more recently, to engage in online sports betting through the several offshore internet sportsbooks. Anyway, since the winnings paid by a sportsbook is only $0.91, the house edge of an even-odds betting will therefore be

The house edge, which is the commission that a gambling agent such as a casino, a sportsbook (bookmaker), or a lottery administrator charges, is a yardstick that measures how a specific gambling game is fair and reasonable. If you are not familiar with the decimal representation of odds, 1.91 is the same as 10/11 in UK notation and -110 in US odds notation. The winner therefore wins $499. When the winning number is drawn, the person who has selected that lucky number will be deemed a winner and will cash in all the $1000 collected, so making him win $999. The house edge for a Cash 3 game will therefore be

Now, consider a fair game in which 38 friends are playing the roulette at home, and each one selects a number and places a $1 bet on the number (no two or more players wagering on the same number). Some people try to analyze previously drawn numbers in order to see the trend and predict the next numbers. An example is a tennis match between two competitive players each of which has an equal chance of winning the match.

In this article, we shall compare, in the simplest way possible, the house edges of a roulette, an evens-odd betting, and a Cash 3 lottery game as representatives of the three major gambling categories.

This house edge applies not only to the Cash 3 game but also to all state lottery games such as Play 4, Cash 5, Mega, Fantasy 5, Lotto, Power Ball, etc. On the other end, any state lottery is a pretty miserable game to play. A straight play is a prediction that the number will come exactly as selected while a box is a prediction for the number to come in any order. For example, the house edge of craps is 1.4% which makes it one of the most preferred casino games by the players.

Again, because of its simplicity, we shall consider an even-odds betting as a representative of this category of gambling. On the other hand, if the game were conducted in a casino, the winner would be paid only $35. The difference between the two winnings applied in the above equation gives us the house edge of a roulette game as

Casino games, like lotteries are mostly games of chance; the player just selects a number or numbers and waits to see what luck brings him/her

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Travel & Leisure :: Travel To Go Scam Watch: Casino Tips & Tricks

Double down on anything else, particularly if the dealer shows a 5 or 6

Never take insurance unless you have Blackjack

Never split two face cards

Never split two 5s. From coast to coast casino vacations and gambling destinations have become an exciting part of adult entertainment.

Travel To Go recognizes that, today, there are casinos all across the country from Atlantic City in the East to Las Vegas Tahoe and Reno in the West. Here are a few great tips and tricks for winning at casinos:



Always split aces and two 8s

Always “double down” on 11 and always “double down” on 10 (unless the dealer is showing an Ace or a 10 card)

If the dealer shows a 7 or higher, always take a hit if you have 12-16

If the dealer shows a 2-6, always stand on 12 and over and if you have an 8 or less hit. Instead “double down” and ask for only one card


Bet against the dealer twice for every time you bet against a player.. Blackjack

Never pay nickel slots

Play between 1am and 8am

Look for around a 97.6% return or better

Play machines that show double up symbols

Stay away from three coin machines except ones that are progressive

Play mainly on 2 coin, 3 reel or one payline machines

Always play the maximum number of coins

Get in and get out quick always remembering that time is the enemy.

Play for 5 minutes on even or odd, or black or red

Bet Splits instead of Straight Up numbers

Bet the first or second or third 12 in square groups or in columns only

Always play 9/6 machines

Play 8/5 machines only if they are a bonus poker machine or progressive

Never play 6/5 machines

Always play the maximum number of coins

Slot Machines

Travel To Go Reviews []is pleased to give you these tips & tricks for increasing your odds of winning and our Travel To Go Scam Watch [] casino program is a wonderful way to learn how to avoid common travel scams. However, recent surveys show that while over 90% of the people who go on gambling trips have a great time, an equal number go home losers.

Travel To Go Casino Vacations are a great way to enjoy having a great time on your next gambling adventure, while at the same time our great articles help you to increase the odds of winning. Travel To Go Casino Vacations assistance is a great way to increase your odds of winning and to make the most of your gambling vacation.

Dont bet Big 6, Big 8, Field or Hardways or any one roll bets

On the “Come Out” roll bet C and E (any craps and eleven)

Make 2 come bets with double odds and always Bet the pass line with double odds


Video Poker

Never forget to claim your prize immediately after every game you play

Play way tickets and remember to always group your numbers

Travel To Go Scam Watch: Casino Tips & Tricks

Travel To Go Reviews better ways to experience the thrills of casino vacation destinations while at the same time Travel To Go Scam Watch helps you learn how to avoid common travel and vacation scams

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A Denver sports writer got caught betting. Who gives?

Armstrong worked at the Denver Post for 27 years and was dismissed from the paper.

I read the grand jury indictment of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sanduskys transgressions with minors from a charity he helped found. Over half a century ago, sports writing and gambling were synonymous with one another. That doesnt mean they absolutely wont partake in it one day. Mr. Thats as close to insider trading as you can get, excluding the pathetic efforts of match-fixing or bribery. The online sportsbooks that cater to the United States are still an option as well. This article isnt about the breaking up of an illegal sports betting probe. He was able to deliver a commentary on the game without bias for 27 years. Now gambling is viewed as a distraction on how a writer interprets the game. The business reporter should be able to deliver the facts on a company they cover. Some newspapers have policies enacted to prevent their writers from gambling, especially on the teams he or she covers on a daily basis. I know this culture exists whether the betting is taking place amongst themselves in the newspaper buildings or through underground betting shops. Im sure Jim Armstrong had plenty of scenarios where he won or lost a bet on the Denver Broncos.

A couple days ago, a Grand Jury indictment from Jefferson County in Denver cited a former Denver Post sports reporter and columnist named Jim Armstrong for frequenting a Colorado-based sports betting operation. I, for one, believe the stock market and sports betting are parallel entities. The writers are not affecting anyone but themselves from a financial standpoint. And I dont necessarily have a problem with it. I plan on reading this indictment as well when I find the time. Whatever the sports writer knows, the wise guys in Vegas probably know as well in most situations. Whether or not they invested in that company should not sway their ability to report the facts. Information is key for investors and gamblers alike.

So are reporters crossing ethical lines using information they are privy to due to their time spent around a player, team, or sport? This does not even pertain to gambling sometimes. Writers like Armstrong also use such information to write a book on a teams season or a player biography. It just so happens he chose to bet in the wrong place.

. Cross that line and the writer could find themselves in hot water.

But what if betting on a game involves your own financial risk and does not affect anyone else in the process? The only hot water involves the financial risk you took out of your own wallet. Business reporters are not allowed to invest in the companies they write or speak about in television interviews. That happens almost once a month practically from all the gambling news I check out. When they write their book though, there is usually a line drawn as to how much a team or player will permit them to use. The fact is had Jim Armstrong bet in Las Vegas his name would have never found itself on the indictment. Some of the people involved had betting limits as high as $50,000. The grand jury indictment revealed 23 high-profile Denver businessmen had engaged in betting for several years. This is about an individual involved and a person who reports and comments on the local teams he covered.

I learned a few years ago from an anonymous poll that over 40% of sports reporters bet on the games and sports they cover. A person can say they dont bet. He probably would have kept his job and still been betting without the Denver Posts knowledge. I have to take a day off from reading any more indictments after pouring over that disturbing 25 page report. Armstrong happened to be someone who gambled like many sports fans.

You cant convince me writers privy with critical information are not tempted to put money down for or against the team based on the knowledge they have at their disposal

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Parts Of A Gaming Computer

However, what most people fail to realize is that all RAM isn’t made equal.

Even though you may have two sticks of 8GB RAM one of them is likely to work more efficiently, be accessed faster and be more reliable. Even people who have never built a gaming computer before know that more RAM means you can run better games. It can be quite hard to differentiate between what is actually important and what isn’t while shopping for your first serious gaming rig.

Most computer stores do little to help as well; with brochures selling every addition known to man (this is how they make the bulk of their money after all).

This article should help you cut through all of the ‘fluff’ around building a gaming PC by listing the top five important parts of a gaming computer. A common saying amongst hobbyist overclockers is that there is two things they will shift to their next rig when the current one dies; their monitor and their power supply.

A Special Mention – The CaseThe computer case can’t make the list in full because it is not crucial, just about any case with the right number of holes will suffice. Choosing A Good Computer Motherboard

For more on computers check out these articles:

The Five Most Important Parts of a Gaming Computer

Gaming computers are full of flashy parts with fancy names and long model numbers. Since RAM is heavily relied upon by all gaming technology it is really important to buy the best you can with the money you have.

The Fourth Most Important Part of a Gaming Computer – Video Card Videos cards are as important as they are confusing; very. However, air flow can make or break a rig. It powers and protects (or destroys) you other hardware.Look after it and it will look after you. Fins and fans are important, LED lights and bullet holes are not.

Upgrading Your Hard Drive

. These are the ones you should spend the bulk of your money on, everything else can be filled in with generic branded gear, which you can easily upgrade later.

The Fifth Most Important Part of a Gaming Computer – RAMEveryone knows about RAM. Your best bet is to speak with people who have recently built their own gaming computer about their favorite graphics cards or to check out some benchmarks against the types of games you will be playing.

The hottest competition in graphics cards comes from ATi and NVidia, so if you don’t know where to start either of those brands are a good choice.The Third Most Important Part of a Gaming Computer – CPUCPUs determine both your computer’s current capabilities and it’s future capabilities.For example, buying a quad core i7 CPU is a good investment for the future even if it’s benefits are limited now.

Being restricted by your CPU in 1-2 years is not a good place to be in.

Invest in a good CPU from day one and you will save in the long run

The Second Most Important Part of a Gaming Computer – MotherboardJust like the CPU your motherboard will determine your future compatibility in the future.High-end motherboards are optimized for tomorrow rather than today and will have slots for extra RAM and other upgrades which you don’t currently need.

Buy a motherboard for the computer you will want in 2 years.

The Most Important Part of a Gaming Computer – The Power SupplyLess respected than it’s more flashy counterparts the power supply is the most crucial part in your rig

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PGA golf betting odds for players to win the 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational

Vijay has 34 wins on the PGA Tour but he’s 53 years old now and has not won since 2008.

Chad Campbell – 300 to 1 odds

Chad Campbell won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2004. He’s obviously got the talent to win this week but he’s only played sporadically so far this year. Hideki Matsuyama – 25 to 1

Brendan Steele tied for 14th place in his last start three weeks ago in the Honda Classic. After tying for 6th place at the Honda Classic three weeks ago, Vijay tied for 64th place last week in the Valspar Championship. Graeme McDowell missed the cut last week. He’s 30 and looking for his first PGA Tour win. Rory McIlroy – 5.5 to 1 odds

6. He only has two career wins and has not won since 2013. He has 12 wins on the European and PGA Tours combined and his last win was in November of 2015 at the OHL Classic.. Casey has just one PGA Tour win but he has won 13 more times on the European Tour.

3. Is he ready to win this week?

Listed below with comments are all the PGA golfers with betting odds of 60 to 1 or less. McIlroy’s last win was in Dubai in November of 2015. Rose rarely plays really badly in any of his starts but he’s never really won enough to justify his lower odds each week. Arnold Palmer himself won this tournament back in 1971 when it was the Florida Citrus Invitational.


Matt Every – 90 to 1 odds

How often can you get 90 to 1 odds on a player who is a two-time defending champion in back-to-back years in a PGA Tournament? Matt Every won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2014 and 2015. Here is a list of the betting odds for the PGA golfers to win the 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Jason Day tied for 23rd at the WGC-Cadillac in his last start. He has three PGA Tour wins but his last win was three years ago in 2013.

Vijay Singh – 200 to 1 odds

Vijay Singh won the Arnold Palmer Invitational back in 2007. Brandt Snedeker won the 2016 Farmers Insurance Open for his eighth career PGA win in February but he withdrew from the WGC-Cadillac with sore ribs two weeks ago. After missing the cut at the Honda Classic, Rory McIlroy played well at the WGC-Cadillac Championship finishing tied for 3rd place. Tiger Woods easily owns the record for most wins in the tournament with eight (2000-03, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013). Henrik Stenson – 12 to 1

The Arnold Palmer Invitational dates back to 1966. Paul Casey DNP last week after a 6th place finish in the WGC-Cadillac. Jason Kokrak, Kevin Kisner, Zach Johnson – 55 to 1 odds each

Matt Kuchar tied for 11th place last week at the Valspar Championship. He’s not played on tour since he missed the cut at Pebble Beach six weeks ago.

At 5.5 to 1 betting odds Rory McIlroy is the favorite to win the 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational. That’s almost two years ago.

9. Matt Kuchar – 35 to 1

Hideki Matsuyama tied for 35th at the WGC-Cadillac in his last start. Kevin Kisner tied for 23rd in his last start at the WGC-Cadillac. Moore has four wins on tour with his last win coming in November of 2014.

5. Kevin Na, Ryan Moore – 33 to 1 odds each

The 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational golf tournament on the PGA Tour is taking place this week from March 17-20, 2016, at the Arnold Palmer owned Bay Hill Club and Lodge located in Orlando, Florida. Adam Scott – 8 to 1

Good luck to all the PGA golfers and especially the bettors this week at the 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill!

T-17. Justin Rose – 16 to 1

2. He tied for 11th at Bay Hill last year.

4. Every’s odds are high because he has not been playing well, he shot +4 over last week for a 42nd place tie, and his two wins in this tournament are the only two PGA Tour wins of his career.

Ernie Els – 140 to 1 odds

Ernie Els is a two-time winner of the Arnold Palmer Invitational (1998, 2010). Henrik Stenson has four PGA Tour wins and eight more European Tour wins.

Jason Kokrak tied for 2nd at the Northern Trust Open a month ago and then missed the cut in his two PGA Tour starts since. Kuchar has seven wins on the PGA Tour but he has not won since April of 2014. Then some notables who are much higher odds are also listed with comments.

Harris English missed the cut last week after finishing in 10th place at the WGC-Cadillac. He should do better here.

T-7. Herron has four PGA Tour wins but his last win was back in 2006. T-10. He did have the lead after three rounds but could not finish the deal on Sunday. Obviously, nobody on tour is hotter than Adam Scott is right now and if you’ve been winning with him you have to bet him again this week.

Henrik Stenson tied for 11th place last week at the Valspar Championship after tying for 28th the week before at the WGC-Cadillac. Campbell has four wins on tour but his last win was in 2007 and he missed the cut in both of the last two PGA Tournaments he’s played in including last week.

Tim Herron – 1,000 to 1 odds

Tim Herron won this tournament back in 1999. Stenson had not played on tour before those two tournaments since November so he may be rounding into form. Kisner has one win on tour at the 2015 RSM Classic in November. Jason Day – 14 to 1

T-14. Zach Johnson is always a threat but he finished tied for 47th place in his last start at the WGC-Cadillac. Ernie missed the cut last week at the Valspar Championship and he’s not won on tour since 2012 but he is only 46 and could have a win or two left in him.

Martin Laird – 175 to 1 odds

Martin Laird from Scotland won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2011 and he is 175 to 1 odds to win in 2016. Laird missed the cut at both the Honda Classic and the Valspar Championship in his last two starts. He has just one win on tour which came in 2011. Marc Leishman is a talented golfer who rarely wins as he has one win in 181 starts (and $12.4 million in earnings). He has seven PGA Tour wins in 247 starts.

1. Good luck to you if you want to bet him this week. Matsuyama missed the cut at the Honda Classic prior to that but he did win the Phoenix Open in February for his second PGA Tour win at age 24.

Kevin Na has one PGA Tour win in 310 starts and he’s earned $21.2 million on tour. Harris English, Brandt Snedeker, Marc Leishman, Paul Casey – 50 to 1 odds each

After winning the Honda Classic and WGC-Cadillac Championship in back-to-back weeks, Adam Scott did not play last week in the Valspar Championship. Graeme McDowell, Brendan Steele – 60 to 1 odds each

Justin Rose tied for 17th at the WGC-Cadillac in his last start. Ryan Moore is a much more interesting proposition as he tied for 3rd place last week in the Valspar Championship

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However, another law enforcement source confirmed to L.A. 8, 2009, in Los Angeles. Now. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images”/>Hip-hop legend Heavy D died Tuesday afternoon after collapsing on the walkway outside his Beverly Hills home, according to authorities. Now that it was the rapper born Dwight Arrington Myers.

Los Angeles County coroners officials told L.A. Myers was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he died a short time later.

Related:Rapper Heavy D dead after collapsing in Beverly Hills

Rosen did not identify Heavy D as the victim. Mark Rosen told L.A. Now that they would be handling the investigation into the cause and manner of the death.

Heavy D was 44 years old.

Heavy D had a string of hip-hop and dance hits, starting in 1987, as the then-leader of the hip-hop group Heavy D and the Boyz.

Myers had just performed at a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales on Oct. Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images” src=”” alt=”Photo: Rapper Heavy D arrives at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on Feb. It was reported by The Times’Andrew Blankstein that Heavy Dmay have died of complications related to pneumonia, authorities said.. 8, singing “Jam” with La Toya Jackson. Hewas pronounced dead Tuesday in the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He also recently performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards; you can watch his performance below:

Myershad a handful of film credits, including “The Cider House Rules,” “Life” and the recently released “Tower Heist.” He can also be seen on recent episodes of “Law & Order SVU” and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.”

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10 Party Games Like Cards Against Humanity

If the player has written the correct definition, he/she too moves ahead by 3 blocks. This definition is not read out along with the others, but kept aside by the Dasher. The correctly guessed storyteller’s card helps to move the story ahead. The player with the most chips at the end of each round wins the round, and the player with the most chips after the seventh question wins the game.

Dixit. The person to get the highest number on the dice begins; he is also known as ‘Dasher’. They also work well as icebreakers for any party.

Apples to Apples was chosen as Mensa Select by the Mensa International in the year 1999. It is quite similar to that game and is based more on trivia and involves a little bluffing. Then, each player chooses a card that closely matches the phrase. The player receives a point for each correctly answered bet, and the game continues. The players vote for their favorite definition. The person who submitted the card wins the round, collects the green card, and becomes the next judge for the next round. The objective is to convince the rest of the players that it is the real definition, without letting them know which answer is correct. Several iOS apps have been specially made, taking this game to a whole new level.

How to Play

Here, the judge is replaced by a storyteller who narrates the story and guides it along the way. Turn by turn, the players must complete a quest with the help of the other players. The game ends when each player has a customer card.

Beyond Balderdash

If you have enjoyed Taboo and Charades, this game is an amalgamation of these two games. Five consecutive fails ends the game, and the evil triumphs over the good. This game is suitable for almost all ages and keeps its players completely engrossed and highly entertained.

Time’s Up: Title Recall

Apples to Apples

The Resistance: Avalon

Just as the name and the unique box of cards comes in the suggests, this game is filled with utter fooleries, which happens to be the highlight of the game.

How to Play

The players take the role of a salesman trying to sell ridiculous products to the rest of the players. It is easy to learn, fast, there is little to no waiting time, no one goes out of the game, and it is fun to watch and play.

How to Play

The players select a person to be a moderator for the first round. The box comes with around 432 cards and a 30-second timerand truly that’s all you need to have oodles of fun.

How to Play

It begins with splitting the players into groups. Then every player rolls the die. This Judge will draw a card and ask a question from it. The idea is to describe the title to the partner. This is a widely produced party game.

How to Play

In Say Anything, the players have the freedom to make up their own answer for the questions asked. It is considered to be a modern twist to the classic telephone game.

How to Play Telestrations

Each player starts with an erasable sketch book, a marker for it, a wipe cloth, and a word card. These characters can be used at the player’s discretion. The moderator writes down the real definition from the card on to a paper. The evil one has to deter the players from their quest. On each card, there is a gerund, adjective, noun, or noun phrase printed. Each player has to make up a description for the chosen card.

Say Anything

This is a game for those who like to play role-playing games. The storyteller calls out a phrase or a word that matches the image on his/her card. The game has beautiful, oversized illustrated cards. Everyone writes their name along with the initials on the answer paper and returns it to the moderator. These answers are read out loud, along with the real definition. The judge then flips the cards open and chooses the best onethe best card that describes the green card. Once all the pitches are done, the customer decides a winner and gives the salesman the customer card as payment. This goes on till everyone has their sketch book returned and the word is revealed. The objective is to come up the most outlandish definitions, facts, or explanations.

How to Play

The board is set and each player gets a token to put on the ‘Start’ block. You can set a number of rounds to give this never-ending game an appropriate end.

Say Anything has won the BoardGameGeek 2008 Party Game of the Year award and an Origins Award in the year 2009 for the Best Party Game of the Year. As they write, the Dasher writes down the correct definition from the card. The game goes on till one of the players reaches the finish block.

Telestrations is an award-winning game that allows the players to draw and guess at the same time. He/she collects the answers, assigns marks, and reads out the answers aloud. Once everyone has got their turn, round one is complete. Once that is done, the players guess the card that the storyteller has seen. Everyone is dealt with 6 cards. Once the player has finished sketching or guessing, they simply flip to the next blank page.

For Example:

What’s the worst movie ever?

Once a question is asked, the rest of the players write down an answer that they think the judge will pick. It pits the forces of good and evil against each other. You would know them better if you have played Cards Against Humanity. A fail means to turn a pass and a new player picks a team. Though this game is played in a group, it is a strategic stand-alone game.

How to Play

In the beginning of the game, the players are handed loyalty cards that inform the players whether they are good or bad along with a unique character. If more than 1 person gets the answer correctly, the round is canceled; however, both players move ahead by 3 points. It was also named the Party Game of the Year and received the National Parenting Center’s seal of approval in the same year.

How to Play

A different judge is chosen for each round, and each player is dealt with red apple cards. This word will be read out aloud and spelled.

If keeping your guests and yourself entertained at parties has always been a huge question mark for you, you are in for some luck! You have just found a solution to your party game dilemma.

Luckily for you, there is an array of party games that are easily available in the market. It has also won 20 awards including the Mensa Select awards, the Board Games Geek 2007 Party Game of the Year, and Games Magazine in the same year.

How to Play

A trivia question is asked in each round, and the game is played in 7 rounds. The Dasher takes a card from the pack and chooses a category. The judge shuffles the green cards and flips over one card. If it is guessed correctly, the player gets to keep the card and they move on to the next card. The game ends when the deck is empty.

Beyond Balderdash is an extension of the original Balderdash board game that tests the player’s bluffing skills. The timer is set for a few seconds and everyone gets to sketch. The judge chooses an appropriate answer based on the odds on the board. The rest of the players vote on the answers that are believed to be the correct answer.

Once everyone’s answers are unveiled, the judge secretly chooses an answer, while the rest of the players bet with tokens on answers that they think the judge has chosen. In The Resistance: Avalon, the players of the game are Knights of the Round Table, loyal to King Arthur, except one.


For Example:

If the chosen word is ‘People’, players can make up stories about the famous person, and so on.

Wits & Wagers

Deck Around is a hilarious game for one and all, even though it falls in the ‘word game’ category. Each player has to put two of their cards together and form a new and weird product, which they have to sell to the customer. The timer is set again. Everyone except the previous judge draws a new card and continues the game.

Round 1: The player describes the title as he/she likes.

Round 2: The player can say only 1 word to describe the word.

Round 3: The player can’t say anything at all. An Xbox Live adaptation was released in 2008 of the same game. Then they draw what they see. The correct definition earns 2 points, the writer of the fabricated definition receives 1 point, while the moderator gets a 0. The Dasher moves forward by 3 if no one guesses the answer. Each player gives a numerical answer to the trivia question. The players pass their book clockwise. Now this is where it gets tricky.

For Example:

Soap Spear

Fart Silence

Murder Cream

Beard Carpet

Dixit means ‘he/she said in Latin.’ It is a great game to play with children and adults alike. The trick is to not make the story too difficult or highly predictable. The one to get most points, wins.

Deck Around

The correct chosen definition helps to move a block ahead in the game. The questions are silly and simple.

Wits & Wagers is created by the makers of Say Anything. This is how the game goesthere will be a Judge for each round. The moderator selects a card from the deck, which is not shared with the other players. Each card has a word printed on them, such as socks, cage, shell, giggles, desire, etc. The answers can be made up, viz.

Chick-flick with Hitler in a pink tutu, etc.

The co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, Ben Hantoot stated that the game drew inspiration from other games such as Balderdash, Charades, and Magic: The Gathering.

Following are some games like Cards Against Humanity that you can play at home with your family and friends during holidays, parties, or lazy days at home.

For Example:

Green Card says Cute

Other players put down cards that say: Baby, Chair, House, Cotton Candy

The judge may choose Baby.

They write it down on a piece of paper. Only enactment is allowed.

Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Snake Oil

The rest of the players will write a made-up definition of the word. A pass allows the game to go ahead while a fail changes the fate of the game. The players turn storytellers and create a story with the cards that they are dealt with. This game is quick, hilarious, creative, and fun for all ages. The sellers have 30 seconds to pitch their product. One player draws a customer card, which gives him a role, viz., priest, diva, sorority girl, lifeguard, spy, last person on earth, etc. Knights are handed the pass and fail cards as the game progresses.

The above-mentioned games are close alternatives to Cards Against Humanity, which are not only fun but also creative and hilarious, catering to a mixed group of people, irrespective of their age. Each card has two words of which one will be used for the round. The players take a look at the previously sketched image and guess what it can be. Players place their written answer of the trivia question on a betting mat and bet on an answer that they think is right or closest. This game was so loved that it won the Spiel des Jahres awards in 2010. The rest of the players pick a card that best matches the green card and place it face-down. If the correct definition is chosen, the player moves 2 blocks ahead. The game is set into 3 rounds of 30 seconds per group, in every round. The remaining deck is passed on to the next team

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ArticleSnatch Free Article Directory

To find this – just go to an article by any author – and you will see their pen_id number at the end of their profile URL (/profile/name/pen_id).. Alternatively: If you would like to subscribe to a feed with articles from the 20 most popular categories, use this link, otherwise, Click on a category, then grab the RSS feed from the box below:

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You can also subscribe to the feed while reading an article – just click the RSS icon in the location bar and you will be given a few choices.

Article RSS Feeds

Simply subscribe to the following “” – replace keyword with whatever keyword you would like. For example: – Myspace Articles – forex articles

Remember all of our feeds are updated every hour – with the latest articles – so be sure your ready for what your getting into when you use our feeds.

Want to stay up to date with the latest articles on any keyword?

Simply subscribe to – replace pen_id with the pen_id number of the author you want to subscribe to

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Paulina Gretzky’s Sexy Twitpics Removed From Twitter

(Please dont stalk her.) Paulina has removed her Twitter feed and some sports fans think that it may have to do with her father, the great one, Wayne Gretzky.

Do you think Wayne Gretzky told his daughter to stop posting sexy photos on the internet? If Gretzky did tell his 22-year-old daughter to stop posting sexy twitpics, he should take comfort in the fact that he isnt the only morally focused disciplinarian on Twitter. Maybe Paulina wants people to stop focusing on her looks so that she can start making headway in the acting business. The Spec reports that Wayne Gretzky may have also banned his daughter from Twitter after hockey player Paul Bissonnette sent Paulina a Hi Paulina tweet.

Or, of course, it could be absolutely nothing. The Dallas Cowboys reportedly told cheerleader Melissa Kellerman to stop posting humorous things on her twitter feed. Happy Holidays!!! xoxo.

The Globe and Mail reports that Paulina, 22, is the oldest of five children.

If there is such thing as a Twitter accomplishment, than Paulina should be proud that a few of her photos were placed into COED Magazines 77 Sexiest Twitpics and dedicated an entire article, Paulina Gretzky is using the Twitter Machine Properly, to sexy photos of the great ones daughter.

Before her Twitter account was removed, Paulina tweeted:

Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha #SIKEEE.

Gretzky was linked last week to the potential sale of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and he may not be pleased with his daughters provocative Twitter account.

She said later:

Lets hope shes not playing the prostitute.

Fans of Paulina Gretzky will have to find a different way to see sexy photos of her. Paulina just finished filming Guns, Girls, and Gambling, which according to IMDB, involves an Elvis impersonators, Indians, modern cowboys, a 6-foot-tall blond assassin, a frat boy, a corrupt sheriff and a prostitute chasing after an Indian artifact.

Taking a break from Twitter for a bit.

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Core Gaming Makes the Jump to Odobo with Evel Knievel® | Reuters

With Odobo Play they provide an optimised marketing channel for us to promote the availability of our games with gaming operators and take control of our revenues by referring new players. Developers produce regulatory-compliant games using Odobos Game Development Kit (GDK), and then distribute them to operators through the Odobo Marketplace the B2B content app store for the regulated gambling industry. With Odobo, CORE can produce more games, for more gaming operators, and earn more revenue through their unique model.

Odobos platform has been built from the ground up specifically for the regulated gaming industry and includes a number of cutting edge server-side technologies including authentication handling, localisation, multi-currency support, game-state memory across sessions and devices via the Odobo cloud, and custom game logic certified to meet industry standards.

Chamberlain added: Odobo really understands the challenges game developers face in real-money gambling beyond just the game development itself. We are very proud to add CORE Gaming to the expanding list of top-tier game development studios that choose Odobo to grow their business in real-money gambling. With Odobo we will build a single client for each new game and can then license it to any gaming operator on the Odobo platform. We look forward to bringing many great CORE games, such as Evel Knievel, to millions of players worldwide through our participating operators.

The Odobo developer program is now working with multiple game studios, producers and developers worldwide who wish to participate in the multi-million pound RMG opportunity.


For media enquiries:


Kari Owers

+44 (0)191 2325690

. Through the reports offered in the developer portal we gain visibility on game play activity and the revenues we are earning from royalties and affiliate commissions. The rapid growth of our program is evidence that we are solving important issues for developers and operators. Odobo simplifies and supports every element of how we produce and monetize HTML5 games within the real-money gambling industry. The developer gains royalties from gaming revenue and has the option of earning additional affiliate revenue by driving their own player traffic to the operators.

CORE Gamings first production powered by Odobos GDK will be its brand new slot game based around the exploits of legendary stunt rider Evel Knievel.

Managing Director at CORE Gaming, Justin Chamberlain said: CORE already produces HTML5 games for several of the worlds largest regulated gambling operators but the big benefit of Odobo is that they have standardised the development framework and deployment technologies for the industry. The Odobo Promote affiliate program rewards developers and marketing partners for driving players to game profile pages on Odobo Play and onto the gaming operators that have licensed the games.

Odobo CEO Ashley Lang, commented: We designed Odobo to address two key problems; the largest gaming operators desperately seek new HTML5 games to offer their customers, and traditionally the route to bring these games to market for game developers has been fraught with challenges and unnecessary expense. With Odobo we have, in one platform, all the tools and resources necessary to enable us to build our business in real-money gambling.

According to a recent report from H2 Gambling Capital, when game developers are also active in marketing their games, and referring new players to the regulated online casino operators, they gain access to additional revenues in the form of typical affiliate commission of 25-30% of the players lifetime value. Core Gaming Makes the Jump to Odobo with Evel Knievel

CORE Gaming – a leading developer of HTML5 mobile and tablet casino games – today announced a partnership with Odobo, the new games development platform and marketplace for the regulated gambling industry.

CORE Gaming, whose clients include Sky Vegas and Paddy Power, are leading developers of slot, fixed-odds games and table games for operators in global regulated markets and are currently developing a portfolio of proprietary HTML5 casino games.

Odobo is the new HTML5 game development platform for the regulated gambling industry

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Pete Rose reinstatement denial paired with MLB’s legalized betting marriage

The head of this family and whoever he consulted, have their own interests in mind, as the man with the most hits in history remains barred from a business that continues to be rigged from the inside.

. Any statements offered on his behalf, that claim he only bet to win, represent an open endorsement of bad behavior, which also reveals something about said defender’s own lack of integrity. Meanwhile, Manfred endorses baseball’s marriage to sports’ betting entities FanDuel and DraftKings. Manfred and anyone who was involved in this week’s decision can’t claim to have the best interests of baseball in mind where Peter Edward Rose is concerned. He cited gambling as the main reason why he’s chosen to deny number 14′s latest formal push to return to the game. However, ‘Charlie Hustle’s’ ongoing banishment is absurd because of baseball’s illicit marriage with digital bookmakers. Rose violated baseball’s rules and wasn’t forthright about having done so. He agreed to the ban issued by then-Commissioner A. So, legalized gambling (sports betting), intentionally propagandized as ‘fantasy baseball’, has recently become the approved drug of choice. His actions, now having been proven to touch 1985, when he was still an active player, also birth the legitimate question: Did he bet against his own team while he was playing for the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies or Montreal Expos, while working as a player-manager for the Reds (1984-1989), or while managing the Reds after he retired as a player? Objectors use full emotional logic when rejecting that legitimate question.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has denied Pete Rose’s request to be reinstated. Obviously, the ‘Hit King’ has profited from his status as a maligned outsider. Both monsters on the same bird of baseball prey have an insatiable lust for money, money and more money. But, he also realized that there was no guarantee of actually being reinstated, though he must have believed he would be at some point.

Rose never should have bet on the game, period. Rose knew that he had a right to apply for reinstatement in the future. Legality isn’t morality, as creative moralists know.

Manfred heads a massive conglomerate that needs to feed a two-headed beast, team owners and the player’s union. Bartlett Giamatti in August, 1989. It’s pushed to fans, baiting their inner demons, in order to suck even more coin from their soulless wallets.

Rose isn’t entitled to MLB reinstatement, or a chance to appear on the Hall of Fame ballot, which is a separate issue and entity

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