Admiral denies role in counterfeiting casino chips

That was two days after he played the fake chips and casino officials determined they were counterfeits.

In the statement, Giardina said he deeply regretted having not immediately surrendered to security officers the four chips which he said he found in a toilet stall at the Horseshoe.

Doubts about the DNA evidence are summarized in an email exchange between a Giardina lawyer and an examiner at the Army laboratory that tested the DNA. Robert Kehler, as well as Navy officers and law enforcement officials in Iowa, “the common opinion is that I have a ‘gambling problem’ and that this gambling problem was my motive” in the counterfeiting. He said it was an “error of judgment” that he put three of the chips in play at a poker table, and said he was sorry that he subsequently lied in saying he had purchased them from a man in the bathroom.

“I do not believe I was singled out to find them, but believe that I was a patsy for someone who wanted the chips to be found,” he wrote.

Giardina declined to discuss details. Tim Giardina, in an image provided by the U.S. In the emails obtained Sunday by the AP, the examiner affirmed to the lawyer that while the “major contributor” of the DNA found on the underside of the adhesive sticker that had been affixed by the counterfeiter was Giardina’s, this did not necessarily mean he had touched the adhesive.

Giardina wrote that in discussing his case with the commander of Strategic Command at the time, Air Force Gen. Strategic Command, which has responsibility for the nation’s entire nuclear weapons force and is based near Omaha, Nebraska.

The examiner said either explanation — that Giardina had, indeed, touched the underside of the sticker, or that his DNA had migrated to the sticker while others were handling the chip — was equally possible.

In his April 2014 statement to Gortney, Giardina wrote that he suspects the chip counterfeiter left them in the bathroom stall “for a reason,” possibly to observe casino security’s reaction when the finder either turned them in or put them in play.. Giardina, who was fired last year as No. Navy officials have said no court martial was sought because the available DNA evidence against Giardina might not hold up in court.

An admiral linked by Navy investigators to counterfeit casino chips denied Sunday that he played any role in making them.

But he denied any involvement in the counterfeiting or even knowing the chips were fakes at the time he used them.

Giardina also wrote that he does not have a gambling problem. Giardina had handled the chip during the poker game, so his DNA would have been on the outside of the chip and possibly along the edges of the sticker.

Investigation records say his DNA was found on the underside of an adhesive sticker used to alter one of the phony chips, but previously undisclosed emails indicate that the presence of his DNA is not conclusive evidence that he was involved in the fakery.

“Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the matter, disapproval of the legal manner in which I spent portions of my off-duty time is not adequate grounds to allege criminal misconduct,” Giardina wrote.

Rear Adm. Timothy M. At the time of the casino incident, Giardina was deputy commander of U.S. 2 commander of U.S. Bill Gortney, who at the time was determining disciplinary action against Giardina in light of the months-long probe by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. He added that Kehler, who has since retired from the military, felt Giardina had an “obvious gambling problem.”

The three chips in question were altered with paint and stickers to make genuine $1 casino chips look like $500 chips.

Giardina wrote that he does not have a gambling problem and does not consider poker a form of gambling.

The examiner indicated it was possible that the Giardina DNA had migrated onto the adhesive when an Iowa state investigator removed the sticker to confirm that the chip was phony. nuclear forces at an early stage of a Navy criminal investigation into the counterfeit chips, acknowledged to The Associated Press that he played the fake chips at a poker table in the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in June 2013.


FILE: Nov. 11, 2011: Navy Vice Adm. He said he stands behind a detailed written statement he submitted in April 2014 to Adm. The AP on Sunday obtained a copy of that statement, which has not been publicly released and was not included in NCIS records of the Giardina case that the AP obtained last week under the Freedom of Information Act.

Giardina had been at risk of being prosecuted by the Navy for counterfeiting the chips, but Gortney chose instead to give him what the military calls non-judicial punishment — in this case a letter of reprimand and the loss of $4,000 in salary. Navy. (AP)

He added, “This lapse in judgment does not make me a thief and a criminal.”

“I should have either told the truth or remained silent instead of lying about the events when questioned” by an Iowa state investigator on June 18, 2013, he wrote

Calculate Capital Gains Taxes Questions, Answers, Polls & Debates


by maxxie m on January 12th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

stevopI am interested in buying the house I rent. Has and barn. How do I figure my federal tax due?

by Anonymous on March 9th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

by Answerbag Staff on June 11th, 2010 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes. Do I pay federal and state taxes on the capital gains? Would the gain be the entire value since the land was given to me? Is it tax exempt since the purchase occurred before September 1985?

by Anonymous on February 6th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

4ears2002If I sell my primary residence that My wife and I have lived in for 20 years, for 1.5 million and buy a new home for 300,000 and put into it 200,000 what is our capital gains tax liability?

by 4ears2002 on March 3rd, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousI’ve owned 30+ undeveloped acres for~30 years. My brother and I inherited her 1/3 and in Sept 2008 we sold the house after cleaning it out. What kind of capital gains tax will I have to pay on this? I’m in college, single and have no income.

by Matt1986 on September 8th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

FannieWe built our home ourselves and have lost the receipts. Prior to his death the parents deeded the farm to my wife and her two other sisters. The lot has a sm. Bought it ~$50,000. What are the capital gains rules on such a sale? My cash out is $280,000

by jeaniei on June 19th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

freds2008 tax question:I have a Final K-1 for 2008. Will there be a difference regarding taxes?

by nortonj on December 7th, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

DCCalliInher. They lived in the house but we did not. They are now deceased and we would like to sell the house and split the profit. The owner paid $213k wants $300k price. Town has Appraised/Assessed value (Buildings $420k/$295k, Land $650k/$162k). Do we pay capital gains tax when selling?

by Anonymous on February 5th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

CoachRoyI heard that if I rent my house out and move to my rental, that I have owned for 33 years and is fully depreciated, that I have to live in it for 20% of the time I owned it to qualify for the tax exemption of selling your prinicipal residence.

by CoachRoy on November 1st, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

edpent6My wife’s parents had a 100 acre farm in kentucky. I’m a single mom. The father died in 2001. We recently divorced and I am now selling this 7 acre lot for $44K. prop. I have never lived in the house, I would have to pay a capital gains tax” Is that a valid excuse 2 b firm on $300k or a fib?

by stevop on April 27th, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

bcdataI want to sell a parcel of land and avoid taking the whole payment this year to avoid full capital gains. if i have multiple buys and sells of a stock, do i list them all in Schedule D or just add them up and put in the total? if i add them up,what should i do about the dates of buys and sales? thanks

by zach on February 28th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

shadyxlurkerYou will receive the greatest gain on your prinicipal if intrest is compounded (Blank)?

by shadyxlurker on May 18th, 2010 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

jeanieiI’ve owned my home for 18 years. How is the basis calculated for capital gains tax?

by Anonymous on June 8th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

PossumIs there a technique by which a taxpayer who owns stock in a public company can give the company money for legitimate business purposes and increase the basis of his existing stock holdings. I Live in a rental need to purch. What percent should I expect to be charged as tax? I Live in Il. Owner said I cannot go lower than $300,000. What is the cost basis of the house?

by Angela on June 11th, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousIf I sell one share of Berkshire A and buy 30 shares of Berkshire B, do I have to pay capital gains on the A share if I have a profit in it.

by Anonymous on June 20th, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousWe have incurred considerable losses in the last five years while conducting a business. NOW I NEED TO SELL IT. House has a promissory to pay dad’s ex-spouse.

ArcyQwertyWhere could I find a TI83+ app/program that does the ‘solve’ and ‘csolve’ functions like a TI89

by ArcyQwerty on April 15th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousI lsold land land that was given to me in 1985. If I sell development rights (say ~1million v

by Anonymous on January 6th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

BlazeMy parents’ house has been in my brother’s and my name for over 20 years. $7000. How much capital gains tax would we each have to pay?

by Blaze on August 3rd, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousWe purchase property to run cattle on and had a rental home in 2003 for 111,000 may sell for 315,000 and then turn around and buy another piece of property with a home to live in for 368,000, will we have to pay capital gains,

by Anonymous on June 24th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousI am selling some land in Tx. I bought for 195.00 and will sell for 300.00. Have had this lot for 7years. building on it with water electric. I’m 54 what taxes will I have to pay? Only income SSD.

by DCCalli on June 16th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Marky MarkDoes something only have value if it can be bought and sold?

by Marky Mark on March 5th, 2014 | 3 people like this | 7 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousHow do you determine the basis for a gifted property (gifted in 1998)? The property was purchased in the 50′s in separate tracts (14 acres total) and then built on.

by Anonymous on April 12th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousIn 1979, my Dad died and my Mom gave my brother and me each 1/3 of the house. Any citations would be appreciated, but not necessary.

by Possum on March 19th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousIs selling property for cash or on credit relevant to the calculation of the amount realized?

by Anonymous on January 23rd, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousHow do your determine how much capital gains taxes to pay in North Carolina if you are paying it on a home that was left to you by it having a lifetime diary on it?

by Anonymous on February 25th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Answerbag StaffHow do I calculate capital gains taxes?

nortonjWhich duplex to sell: Both are on the same street, same floor plan, owned free and clear. What is a good method to do this?

by bcdata on July 6th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Answerbag StaffHow do i calculate cost basis for a stock sale?

Answerbag StaffHow do i calculate cost basis for a stock sale?

by Answerbag Staff on June 4th, 2010 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

CoachRoyIf I rent my house out and move into my rental, can I sell it after two years?

by CoachRoy on October 31st, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousHi, we live full time in our motor home which is parked 5 months on our RV Lot in Arizona. a home that I can live in. If we sell our office building and realize capital gaines, can we offset any of the gain with the ordinary business losses.

by Anonymous on March 9th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Answerbag StaffHow do I calculate capital gains taxes?

by Answerbag Staff on June 11th, 2010 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

SadieVirgoHow should gambling losses be documented for tax purposes? Craps tables don’t write receipts for cash bets.

by SadieVirgo on March 30th, 2013 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Jette-SHow do I calculate the cost basis of a home held in joint tenancy from date of purchase with my mother then sold two years after her death?

by Jette-S on October 13th, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

zachI bought stocks in 2008 and i need to fill out Schedule D. in a trust in 08. How much will I pay in capital gain?

by Erinblue on September 4th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AnonymousMy wife and I bought a house in 1997 paying 105K. ($7000 is all i ever put into this Lim Partnership.) I received Tax Credits during the years of ownership. they bought it 50+ years ago for approx. Selling due to being disab. She lived there until she died in Jan 2008. One is fully depreciated, owned for at least 20 years, and the other was inherited a year ago. How do we determine our cost base?

by Fannie on June 7th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

AngelaSon inherited house from dad. The new deed contained a trust for the mother

by edpent6 on February 19th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

by Answerbag Staff on June 4th, 2010 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

jimmy21How will i be taxed for granting a perpetual easement to a cell tower company? Is it capital gains, and if so, am I taxed on the whole lump sum amount paid to me?

by jimmy21 on October 14th, 2009 | 4 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

ErinblueI want to sell a home I own as an income property. There are passive losses that have accumulated durin

by freds on April 1st, 2009 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

OdieIn 2008 I sold a piece of raw land, I purchased in 1997, for 15,000 to pay off a mortgage I had accumulated against it for 13,000. I HAVE NEVER LIVED IN IT BUT RENTED IT OUT. How much do I have to pay taxes on.

by Odie on January 20th, 2009 | one answer | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

QweryytttIs there any local tax in Paola, Kansas, Thank you Paul Maraman Kansas?

by Qweryyttt on February 6th, 2012 | no answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

maxxie mI BECAME SOUL OWNER OF MY FATHER’S HOUSE WHEN HE DIED 15 YEARS AGO. Own free clear pay assoc. I’m selling the property and stand to make ~$20k in profit. As part of the purchase we got a second lot of 7 acres. so will I be paying an income tax onthe sale of the land?

by Anonymous on February 27th, 2009 | 2 answers | in Calculate Capital Gains Taxes

Matt1986My father and I purchased 5 acres for ~$15k 10yrs ago. However we are residents of Texas. I need to sell it to move on but I don’t know if I can get another home since I doubt I can qualify for a mortgage. dues taxes. I have had the house for about 2 years now. I paid $7000 for this lim partnership in 1993. on SSD can’t live in it’s uptairs. Son took mortgage to pay off promissory note. He passed away 7yrs ago

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Watch: New Twist in ‘Road Rage’ Shooting; American Sniper Trial: Psychiatrist Testifies; Hannah Anderson …

New Twist in ‘Road Rage’ Shooting; American Sniper Trial: Psychiatrist Testifies; Hannah Anderson FBI Rescue Footage Released Video – ABC News

Superbug Outbreak in California Hospital; Frigid Temps Across U.S.; Raven Squawks at Levi’s Stadium camera.

Patients exposed to superbug in California hospital; Frigid temperatures continue to grip the U.S.; Raven caught squawking at Levi’s Stadium camera.

iYogi Launches in India, Bets Big on USD 2 billion SMB Opportunity

For more information on iYogi and a detailed list of technologies supported, visit

“We’ve witnessed rapid growth since our inception, and plan to maintain this by focusing on three areas – geographic expansion, focus on SMB, and service innovation to capitalize on the growth in mobility,” said Uday Challu, CEO and co-founder of iYogi. “The tech support opportunity in India is exploding based on the rapid adoption of technology among consumers and businesses, their growing technology dependency, and the increasing complexity created by a heterogeneous device environment,” he added.

iYogi’s consumer and Business NonStop service plans are a cost-effective alternative to incident-based services. Major resellers and technology companies are turning to iYogi to improve customer satisfaction, reduce return rates, and deliver a compelling new-value added offering to customers. More information on the consumer plans can be found here, and for information on Business NonStop Plans, click here.. The consumer tech support market is underserved, and the opportunity is large and glaring,” said Vishal Dhar, Co-founder President Marketing.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iYogi, a global provider of tech support, today launched its service for both SMBs and consumers in India. iYogi’s Business NonStop service is aimed at the SMB market, which, according to Access Markets International partners (AMI Partners), is estimated at USD 2 billion across more than four million businesses in India. “Our service will not only help Indian consumers save time and money, but also have a hassle-free digital experience.”

About iYogi

iYogi is a global on-demand services company that provides comprehensive tech support for consumers and businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and GCC states. iYogi’s proven global delivery model, including proprietary iMantra technology and highly qualified technicians, is designed to manage the increasing dependency on complex technology for consumers and small businesses. iYogi provides remote and onsite support for the widest variety of computing devices and software in the country.

“The rapid proliferation of devices, including computers, smart phones, and tablets, and the emerging digital lifestyle of urban users is a growing opportunity in India. The company has also introduced service plans for consumers

Online gambling: Will Massachusetts legalize Internet betting sites? – National International Lottery

Thus, they argue it should be legalized, regulated, and ultimately taxed.

Illinois is also considering legalizing online poker due to massive unfunded pension liabilities for its unionized public employees. The state has 90 days to review the application.

Recent market signals indicate that Massachusetts is seriously considering expanding its casino base. Last year, Maryland Live – a casino operator – disclosed that it has submitted a Category 2 license to operate a betting parlor in the state.

Since the measures in Massachusetts and Illinois are still pending, New Jersey could be the first state in America to issue an online gambling license. Some industry pundits believe that legalization of online betting could lead to the development of mobile and social apps that enable users to gamble on their devices.. Justice Department shut down PokerStars, Full Tilt, and similar Texas Hold’em sites.

Originally published on Technorati

Under the new proposal, any online poker operator would have to receive a Category 3 license. Kelly is advocating the legalization of online betting sites with state and national politicians. The bill is sponsored by 18 politicians two years after the U.S. The state ranks second in the nation with more than $80 billion in state debt.

New Jersey is also desperate for cash after seeing its unfunded pension liabilities increase to $47.2 billion in 2012. A maximum of three online poker operator licenses would be granted and it would be valid for ten years.

Massachusetts is following in the footsteps of Illinois and New Jersey in considering granting gambling licenses to betting websites. In addition to record deficits, the state faces $2 billion in unpaid bills to vendors in 2014. Earlier this week, the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement announced that PokerStars has completed its application for a gaming license. Industry insiders believe the advocacy will play a key fundraising role in what is expected to be a highly contentious 2014 midterm elections.

However, it remains to be seen whether Massachusetts will legalize Internet gambling. It’s not clear whether those expenses went towards lobbying efforts.

An attendee uses an iPad during day 3 of Graduate Fashion Week 2014 at The Old Truman Brewery on June 2, 2014 in London, England.

Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

In 2006, congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which outlawed Internet betting sites. Opponents argue that passage of such legislation would essentially place a casino in every household with an Internet connection.

In 2013, lawmakers in Massachusetts have introduced amendments to a bill that would grant licenses to online poker operators, according to Gaming Intelligence. However, officials in Massachusetts argue that the federal law is not effective at stopping thousands of its citizens from playing internet poker through illegal offshore-based sites. Similarly, Penn National Gaming also announced that it has recently spent $1.9 million in “development costs” to establish similar operations in Massachusetts. Officials estimate that legalized online betting would bring in between $400 million and $1 billion in taxable revenue.

The popular online poker site is being represented by lobbyist John Kelly, Jr., president and owner of All-Circo Inc., according to Cards Chat. Last month, a state lawmaker inserted technical language to Senate Bill 1739 that would allow PokerStars and Full Tilt to operate sanctioned online portals

Arbitrage betting:a good approach for gamblers

Some people use arbitrage strategies as a means of generating a good regular income. You can become a productive arbitrage better and make more money without paying taxes on it than some people do in well paid jobs.

In conclusion, why not try arbitrage betting as an easy, enjoyable, low risk way of earning some money online? It also offers extra appeal to the gambler because it is a way of staying one step ahead of the bookmaker.

The internet provides an excellent way of finding different bookmakers and opens the door to many more arbitrage opportunities than before.

In summary, arbitrage is the process of using the differences in the odds that two or more bookmakers offer on some sporting events to avoid losing money and ensuring a guaranteed payback. Before you spend your money, learn the theory and principles of what arbitrage is and how it works and search online for ways to become successful at it. An arbitrage situation occurs when two bookmakers offer odds that differ enough to permit gamblers to back all outcomes and still make a profit. In other words, you have nothing to lose.

The basic principle of arbitrage involves using the difference in odds between two different bookmakers and placing bets to take advantage of this difference. It works well on sporting events in which there are only two possible outcomes, for example tennis and boxing.

There are many sites online where you can learn about arbitrage betting, otherwise known as arbitrage trading, before you commit yourself to using any of your money in this enterprise. When you are familiar with the theory of arbitrage betting, you can take advantage of it without losing money. If you are interested in sports betting anyway, you will enjoy learning about this even if you don’t choose to use it. You have to find at least two bookmakers who offer a high enough difference between odds to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity.

The following short video summarises the principles of arbitrage:

With arbitrage, you really can make money online at home on your computer if you take the time and make the effort to learn the strategy. Other people like arbitrage betting as a hobby with the bonus of making some extra money.

Arbitrage betting can also be used in horse-racing where the odds can work in your favour by using different bookmakers.

Betting arbitrage involves placing bets on all possible results of a sporting event so that there is a guaranteed profit on the result. It might be the answer to enjoying gambling without losing money in the process. There is also the possibility that you could make a good income online from home using arbitrage strategies.. Arbitrage cannot work by using one bookmaker. You can experiment with small amounts of money on sports that have only two possible outcomes to see how it works out for you.

It is also known as scalping. Surf the internet as part of the learning process. This is not so. It is well worth your while to check out arbitrage if you like gambling. In this way a guaranteed profit is ensured regardless of the result.

Some experts say that you need a lot of money to use arbitrage

McCain’s sports wagering comments welcomed by LoBiondo

- U.S. Rep. Rep. “Sports-betting can help give our famed resort town a hand up, providing yet another unique option for patrons in addition to the quality entertainment, dining, shopping and beaches.”

 “We know that sports- betting is occurring without regulation and that the revenues from it are going to illegal enterprises rather than businesses in New Jersey, like our casinos and racetracks,” Pallone said.  “It is time to bring this activity out of the shadows and allow states to regulate it.”

Attention: open in a new window.PrintE-mail

WAHINGTON, D.C. Supreme Court declining to hear the state’s appeal. Delaware, Montana, and Oregon allow limited wagering.

In 2011, New Jersey voters approved a ballot measure to allow sports wagering in New Jersey, but its enactment has been delayed by lawsuits filed against the state by the NCAA and four professional sports leagues. 

Both lawmakers are again cosponsoring the other’s legislation.

On Jan. However, in November 2014, National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner Adam Silver announced his support for legalized sports wagering.

On Twitter LoBiondo said he welcomes the interest of the influential Arizona Republican senator and as wellas the chance to work with him to move his legislation.

Written by Staff Reports Tuesday, February 03, 2015 12:15 pm

Last month LoBiondo, a Republican from District 2, and U.S. 457 (Pallone) would exempt New Jersey from current federal law and H.R. Frank LoBiondo, who has been working to lift the federal ban on states allowing sports wagering outside of Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon, welcomed a recent report that Sen. John McCain believes debate should be expanded on the subject in Congress.

New Jersey appealed its case in the courts, with the Third Circuit ruling against New Jersey and the U.S. 416 (LoBiondo) would create a four-year period in which states can enact a law allowing sports betting in their states.

The federal ban on professional and amateur sports betting enacted in 1992 currently prohibits states from implementing any new form of sports wagering, notes LoBiondo in a press describing his most recent initiative.

On Friday, Jan. Frank Pallone, Jr., a Democrat from the New Jersey’s 6th District, again introduced bills to legalize sports betting, arguing that legalized sports betting will benefit New Jersey’s economy while helping to curtail illegal betting.

Pallone and LoBiondo have introduced two bills.


Nevada is the only state with single-game sports betting. 22, LoBiondo and Pallone released a joint statement on their renewed efforts to advance sports wagering.

“Increasing competition from neighboring states and the proliferation of off-the-books betting has left Atlantic City’s gaming operations at a disadvantage,” LoBiondo said. 30, McCain told ESPN’s “Capital Games” podcast that he believes Congress should debate legalization of sports betting.

Place your bets | Fox News

This year, Democrats predicted they’d keep the Senate. Bettors are better.

The pundits don’t know. Most states offer lotteries.”

Unfortunately, regulators will allow no more than 5,000 traders to make bets on a given contract (that is, a predicted outcome), and each trader can bet no more than $850. When politicians allow people to put their money where their mouths are, bettors do a better job predicting future events. With money on the line, forecasts are more accurate.

So allowing betting helps us make better predictions about the future.. They are joined by people who consider gambling immoral.

There’s knowledge to be tapped in people’s heads about what will happen next, and markets, as usual, are the best way to unleash that wisdom.

Legalization efforts might get farther if we stopped thinking of betting as a vice and instead recognized that it’s a useful part of rational decision-making.

Second, people are more realistic when betting than when answering a survey. regulators shut down Intrade, a site that allowed people to bet on all sorts of things.

The Iowa Electronic Markets has outperformed political polls 74 percent of the time since 1988. We in the media try to rely on “scientific” polls. That will limit the site’s prediction ability, but at least America will allow one site that will generate real predictions instead of just hot air.

First, although individual bettors are no more enlightened than any one pundit, a large and diverse group of bettors usually is.

Silver writes, “There is an obvious appetite among sports fans for a safe and legal way to wager.”

But bills to legalize betting go nowhere in Congress. That’s the “spread” posted by bookies. Casinos oppose them because they don’t want competition. Click here for more information on John Stossel.

Most of these bets are illegal. Commodity Futures Trading Commission recently gave New Zealand’s University of Wellington permission to run a prediction market in the U.S. Why?

Want to bet on Thursday’s NFL game between Chicago and Dallas? I do.

Recently, National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver became the first major professional sports commissioner to endorse legalizing sports betting.

Last month, I wrote about how U.S. Polls suffer from a “self-reporting bias,” where participants say what they think they should rather than what they actually feel. In 2012, conservative pundits confidently predicted a Romney victory. The site,, allows users to bet on elections, court cases, regulatory decisions and more.

“Bootleggers and Baptists” is what economist Bruce Yandle called these coalitions. This is not a good thing. 

In the New York Times, he wrote, “Gambling has increasingly become a popular and accepted form of entertainment in the United States. Millions will be bet on that game, and billions will be bet on other games this weekend — college football, NBA games, NHL matches, UFC events …

Luckily, the U.S. It gave 89 percent odds that Republicans would win the Senate.

But they aren’t. Before elections, Intrade’s bettors consistently out-predicted the pundits.

In 2012, Intrade gave Obama a 90 percent chance of winning, while pundits still said the race was “too close to call.” Gallup predicted a Romney win.

Legalization efforts might get farther if we stopped thinking of betting as a vice and instead recognized that it’s a useful part of rational decision-making.

Although American regulators killed Intrade, the British online prediction market Betfair still operates. Prediction markets like Betfair, and allow bettors to predict everything from the gender of England’s next royal baby to the winner of the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Newspapers and websites all over America tell their readers that Dallas is favored by three points. They also deprive Americans of useful information, such as who is likely to be the next president.

John Stossel is the host of “Stossel” (Thursdays at 9 PM/ET), a weekly program highlighting current consumer issues with a libertarian viewpoint. On average, polls underestimated Republican performance by 4 percent.

Pollsters and pundits rarely suffer much penalty for being wrong. Bootleggers got rich off Prohibition.

In Maryland, most polls had the Democratic candidate for governor up by double digits, but the Republican won. Except they aren’t so great either.

They do, and states give worse odds than bookies.

By the way, Betfair now gives Hillary Clinton a 40 percent chance of being the next president. Stossel also appears regularly on Fox News Channel (FNC) providing signature analysis. People figure these expert guesses are the best anyone can do.

Just as Prohibition created Al Capone, bans on betting create crime

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